Our Border Collie has several issues which needed professional advice and now we are already seeing improvements thanks to Laura’s calm, positive and professional approach, Thanks.

Clive & Pepper

I would like to thank you Laura for helping me understand our cocker spaniel behaviour! Laura gave me lots of support and tips when training Millie and they sure worked.

Can’t thank you enough Laura. Many thanks and keep up the good work!!

Julie & Millie

Laura is a wonderful trainer who really understood our puppy J D Hobbs needs. She equipped us with the tools to establish good behavior habits and he has shown vast improvement in just a few weeks.

Laura addressed several different issues we had with patience and ease these were begging, showing signs of attachment and recall. We now feel better equipped to carry on this training and feel that J D Hobbs is a happier puppy as a result.

Thank You Laura!

Steve & J D

We had Laura come over to give us help with our new puppy being new to dog ownership we needed some help. Laura was very helpful and gave us lots of hints & tips. She got our dog to do things we had been trying to do for some time we are very grateful for her help & found it very useful.

I would highly recommend Laura for any Dog training or behaviour matter anybody may have with their dog.

Steve & Mandy

Laura helped me when we adopted our little cocker spaniel as she suffered with extreme anxiety separation. To the point where she wouldn’t even go in the back garden without myself or my husband.

Laura was able to come & show me how to train her….This was achieved within a very short period. I would definitely recommend her services.

Sam & Roxy

Laura has helped us work on many aspects of training with our new puppy, from how to handle meal time with a second dog, to overcoming difficulties when out on a walk.  She has given us a great range of training tips to try out and incorporate into our routine to fit the needs of both us and our dogs.

We are continously seeing the results of Laura’s training in the improvement our puppy’s behaviour and we are relaxed in knowing that we can contact Laura at any time for further support.

Sophie & Slinky

We would highly recommend Laura as recently we have needed a lot of advice and support with introducing a puppy to our 2 year old dog. The dog was not accepting of the puppy to start with but with the positive training Laura set up for us and the support she has given us with the training has helped us to succeed.

We are so pleased to see our 2 dogs walking, playing and sleeping together which is something we never thought would happen.

Carley & Norman

Laura was amazing! She taught us techniques that we have persevered with and we are definitely seeing a huge improvement. I would thoroughly recommend her to anybody needing help with behaviour issues and general training.

Thank you Laura!

Elaine & Rascal

We want to say thank you for all the support and advice you have given us with our dog. We have just had a week off spent out and about with him and we have fallen head over heels in love with him and all his quirks. He has become an absolute star…. with moments of course but he wouldn’t be him without those!

We did get so close to thinking we could not cope with him and it really was down to your patience, support and expertise that gave us an insight into why he was acting as he was. With that knowledge we have been able to work with him and all live a much happier life together.

So a huge thank you from us and a big woof from Sid.

Anne-Marie & Sid

The most informative and beneficial training we have ever had. Our rescue dog had issues that went past our experience and Laura was amazing helping us understand his body language and help him be a more relaxed and happy pooch.

We will be implementing her strategies for life. Definitely recommend the support package, I’m gutted ours went so quickly!

Thank you Laura, Rodney is much happier.

Ariadne & Rodney